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Our Products

From Our Ghana, Botswana and Zambia Mines


Gold Bullion

Sourced from our Ghana gold mine and refined in United Arab Emirates.



Sourced from our Botswana and Zambia copper mines.

Blinding Diamonds


Diamonds are sourced from our Botswana mine.

Iron Art

Iron Ore

Iron Ore is sourced from our Botswana mine.

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Quality salt is another byproduct of our Botswana mining activities.

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About Our UAE
Sales Center

Continental Minerals FZC, U.A.E.

Our United Arab Emirates Sister Company is Continental Minerals FZC.

Continental Precious Metals and Engineering Ltd, Ghana, and Continental Minerals FZC, U.A.E. are owned and managed by the same group of persons.

Under contract with Continental Precious Metals and Engineering Limited (Ghana), Continental Minerals FZC undertakes precious metal ore transport, refining, assaying, hallmarking, sales, and marketing.

Our current gold supply capability is 1,000 kg refined per month.

Upscaling is currently underway to increase production to 3,000 kg refined per month.

We are open to short term and long-term supply agreements with individuals & companies.

We are able to accommodate Purchaser’s request to employ a refinery in Purchaser’s jurisdiction if desired.

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